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Being a Nagadhat Affiliate Member, Earns for life time.

“Share and earn” To create employment and being self sufficient Nagadhat introduce affiliate marketing. Being an affiliate member one can easily earn extra for life long.
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How do Nagadhat affiliate Marketing generate Income?

Being Nagadhat Affiliate Marketing person, whenever you suggest someone to buy from Nagadhat, you will get a profit share. The more you suggest the more you earn.

What are the benefits of being an affiliate marketing Member?

Without doing extra one can earn lifelong. Again you can also create a self sufficient person who will be pleased with you . Most of all you can do it by laying on your bed.

Why will you choose Nagadhat Affiliate Marketing?

Nagadhat always sell quality products within budget but deliver in faster duration. So good things can be spread. By sharing nagadhat content you are not telling people to look around bad products.

What are the extra features of nagadhat affiliate marketing?

Anyone, at any time, from anywhere can join nagadhat affiliate marketing. Only share nothing else! you can earn for life long. Nagadhat Affiliate Marketing It’s the easiest way to earn.

Is there any restriction for Affiliate Marketing?

There is no restriction from The Bangladesh Government to become an affiliate marketing Member. There is no age restriction, there is nothing which is illegal in the eye of law.

Is it Like Multi Level Marketing?

Affiliate marketing concept is recently developed modern marketing tools. By using this one can generate sales but on the other side it also pays a profit share. You don’t need to spread your wings.

Do you get support from Nagadhat?

Nagadhat has their dedicated window for the affiliate Marketing member. Nagadhat is always happy to support their customers as well as their affiliate members.

Key Features


Anyone at any age from anywhere can join the Nagadhat Affiliate program that is there is no age, race, or geographical restrictions. Only one has to have a PC or Smartphone with an internet connection to be an affiliate.

Nagadhat’s affiliate program is designed for everyone. Any can easily understand how to work as affiliates what will be a task and how the money will be earned. One can find all the things in his/her dashboard. Even though there will be friendly and supportive customer care to support each affiliate.

To be an affiliate no one needs extra investments but he/she can earn from the very beginning. No fees, no charge to be an affiliate. So, anyone can easily be a proud affiliate member of Nagadhat.

Everyone wants hassle-free guaranteed to earn and Nagadhat Affiliate does so. Every earning is transparent and instantly adds to the affiliate’s account. He/she can trace every earning and for withdrawal, every withdrawal request will be settled within next working days and will be transferred atomically to affiliate defined Bank account or to Mobile Financial System.

Any affiliate can boost his/her income by grabbing exciting challenges like NCA (New Account Acquisition) Challenge, Ranking upgrade Challenge. Nagadhat will also declare some extra bonuses like a festive bonus, power pack bonus, bonus by selling on Nagadhat, performance bonuses, and many more. So, anyone can earn limitless money.

First of all, there is no limit to earning to be a Nagadhat’s affiliate for this you don’t need to give extra effort. Only you have to connect with Nagadhat and refer/invite someone else to be a Nagadhat’s affiliate.

Nagadhat proudly introduces after death income or closing income to an affiliate’s nominee. Nagadhat thinks every affiliate is its family member and is committed to everyone. From social and ethical responsibilities Nagadhat ensure that after the death of an affiliate, his/her income will be delivered to his/her nominee.

Nagadhat Affiliate program is designed for a longtime, sustainable income source, and above all the income is sent percent halal.

Who can be Nagadhat affiliates?

People who pass their idle time over the internet can be our affiliated marketing member. Housewives, Students these are the most potential affiliates.


Housewives after their daily chores can use their time to be affiliators.


Students besides their study can earn from nagadhat affiliates program

Small Business Owner

They earn money in their leisure time can be Nagadhat affiliates


Overall there is no limitation, anyone can be nagadhat affiliates

For test experience sign up here

By signing up you can feel the affiliate test and other member experience and learn about their work process.

User Reviews

See what our users are saying.
"The Greatest Experience ever! When you unexpectedly get some income. I am with nagadhat as an affiliate marketer. At first I was confused about how to work/ But with time I am just loving it."
Md. Asaduzzaman
Co-Founder, Startup Week
"It's amazing! Earlier I was just surfing the internet for fun, now I am doing it to earn money. Thanks Nagadhat affiliate marketing thinking"
Jerin Khanom
Housewife, Comilla
"I never thought I could earn from my house without doing any extra effort! I am a housewife and also a proud nagadhat affiliate marketing member."
Md. Hanjal
Student, National University
"In this pandemic situation, I am doing my online study. Besides this I am with Nagadhat affiliates and getting some extra pocket money."
Mrs. Sagorika
"Thanks to Nagadhat affiliate Marketing idea. I am a private job holder. Once I was only customer but now I am also their affiliates and earning extra."
Md. Samsuddin
Small Business Owner